Share profile card

Checked in at the same place

Click on "PARTICIPANTS" on the app’s start page when you have checked in to a Clubroom to see other participants.

On the participants page, you can find information on other meeting attendees who have chosen to have their profiles visible. Here, you may also change your own visibility status by either ticking/unticking the “I WANT TO BE VISIBLE” box.

Please note! You have to select the ‘visible mode’ for your own profile in order to see information on other attendees.

The list of participants is only shown if 25 or fewer people have checked in. If the meeting is attended by more than 25 people, you have to search for the names of other participants by using the “Find Card” field at the top of the page.

Share Card

Click the green “SHARE” button next to the name of the person you would like to send your profile card to. This will send them the same card as you used when you checked in to the location. The receiver will then get a contact request from you.

Receive Card

Cards that have been shared with you are listed under “Friend Requests”. You can find your unanswered requests above the list of participants. Click “VIEW” to see them.

Accept or reject requests by using either button respectively.

You can view all your friend requests by clicking “FRIENDS” in the bottom menu. This option is available even when you are not currently checked in to any place or meeting.