Organize contacts

Add to group

Go to your contact list by clicking the “FRIENDS” icon visible in the bottom menu, then select and click on a contact in your list.

If the contact is not already added to any group, click “ADD GROUP” which is seen below the contact’s telephone and email information, or select and click on another group option visible here.

This will open the “Choose Groups” page where you can add the contact to available groups, as well as create new ones.

Select every group you would like to add your contact to, this will then be indicated as white check marks on the right of the group titles.

When you are done, you close the page by clicking the cross at the top left corner of your screen.

You can edit your groups at any time by clicking the cogwheel icon visible on the left side of the group titles.

Create new groups

On the “Select Groups” page, there is an option to "ADD NEW GROUP" above the list of existing groups. Click this to create new groups.

Choose a title and select a colour for the new group. Finish by clicking “Save” in the top right corner of the screen.